Manchester Company Lands First Customer For Its Prohibition-Inspired Liquor

September 28, 2011|By JESSE LEAVENWORTH,, The Hartford Courant

MANCHESTER — — A proud Connecticut moonshiner is peddling his company’s first batch at bars and restaurants this week, ensuring proprietors that his white liquor won’t cause flames to shoot from customers’ ears.

Well, not in those exact words. Adam von Gootkin, co-founder of Manchester-based Onyx Spirits Co., says he’s been telling bar managers and owners that he and partner Peter Kowalczyk worked for years to make their Onyx Moonshine as smooth as a single-malt whiskey. Made with Connecticut spring water, grains and honey, the 80-proof legal booze has none of the harshness of the eye-watering hooch that dripped from illegal stills in the 1920s, von Gootkin says.