Is Moonshiners Fake or Real?

Short answer is FAKE. As stated on the Moonshiners Wikipedia page, there has been many official claims from law officials that absolutely no illegal activity is taking place. If the Moonshiners were illegally distilling moonshine, they would have taken action.

According to Fox News, Alcohol regulators in Virginia are concerned that viewers of Moonshiners will assume the state tolerates moonshine production and that they regret participating in the TV show, knowing how the episodes would turn out.

So this brings up the question, what is being distilled and where? Or do they have a special secret permit to legally distill moonshine?

Moonshiners Arrested

Many of us have questioned how the moonshiners have not been arrested and continue to produce the show. The simple answer is that it’s fake. However, halfway through season two, the mysterious Moonshiner X withdrew for fear of drawing too much attention and getting caught. is likely there is a hint of reality.

Moonshiners get caught and arrested all the time – mostly due to attracting too much attention and selling it. If you’re interested in making moonshine yourself, we recommend checking local laws and being careful!

Moonshiners Channel

Moonshiner airs on the Discovery Channel.

Moonshiners Episodes (Season 2)