Old Smokey Moonshine flavors

Without Obama, Ole Smoky Moonshine may have never existed.

In today’s Bloomberg Business Week article, they talk about how the rotten economy in 2009 gave birth to tax breaks and liquor legislation reform. The kind of ingredients Joe Baker and his partners, Cory Cottongim and Tony Breeden needed to open their Tennessee distillery.

I can’t imagine walking into a bank, without significant industry experience and asking for a huge lone to start a distillery! (…maybe one day).

This year, only after 3 years of making moonshine, Ole Smoky Moonshine will gross an estimated $20 million bucks!

Big congrats to Joe Baker, Cory Cottongim, Tony Breeden, and Barack Obama’s Tax Breaks for fueling moonshine production!

On another note, tis the season for Ole Smoky‘s Apple Pie Moonshine:)