Ed from Florida

Dear Bob,

I am in receipt of the new stainless steel and brass water distillation unit and was pleasantly surprised by the new construction materials. I wish you and yours the very best for a safe and memorable holiday season and a great start to the next year. Warm regards.

-Ed from Florida

Kevin from New York

Bob: Got the package….thank you again. From the moment we spoke, I knew there was something special about buying this from you. ………I haven’t gone through the package yet because my wife is expecting, ANY SECOND actually, she has some pains last night (again) and I don’t want to start the whole system up until I take care of the more important things first. I am really excited and you can bet I will be calling you as I go along…hopefully, after some friends taste my first batch. (I won’t forget to toast you!) I’ll be able to send them to you as well………. I’ll keep you posted………..wish me luck!

-Kevin from New York

John from Flagstaff

Dear Bob,

It was delightful speaking with you and sharing stories and information. I am enclosing a check for $330.00 for one moonwater device. Thanks so much for your research and work. I excitedly anticipate the arrival of your miraculous device.

-John from Flagstaff, AZ