Keith from Quebec

Dear Bob,

Thank you for putting your distilling equipment on the email network as that is where I found it. Your distilling and other purifying equipment appeals to me a great deal. I have wanted to build my own unit for many years but found out all the other units that I read about were too complicated for me to make etc. I believe yours is remarkable and simplified enough to make without too much difficulty and expense. (referring to the medium unit)

-Keith from Quebec, Canada

The Good Life

Bob I talked to you about 3 months ago. I just got around to cooking………had a few friends over …had a real good time… and a toast to Bob….may call some time soon. I have some questions….that’s me with the old gun…email me and let me know if you got this.

Thanks,  Jim
Part of my deal with people when I sell them a unit to make me a promise. One they won’t sell any of Bob’s moonshine. The main reason is you take all the fun out of it. Give it away. When you give it away the greatest reward comes to the the giver. Second is on their first distilling is that that they invite some good friends over. It is a great time that you will remember for the rest of your life. I also wanted to be toasted at that first runoff. Jim did just that. He also sent a some photos for me to look at.

American Peace Corps Moonshining in Malawi

The following email is one that is about a girl who has dedicated her life to helping others less fortunate than herself. I thank God for bringing her into my life. It is such a joy to meet people of this stature. At first it was an ordinary Email but at the bottom of the Email she signed off after her name with the following words “Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music”. The words “blew my mind”. I had to know why would she sign off with that phrase so I asked her.

The following is the first Email and the response.

Bob Sebert, I am an American Peace Corps Volunteer working in Malawi as an environment extension worker. My mother emailed you in September of 2002 about your steam distillation unit. I am very interested in purchasing the unit (after I receive the funding), but I have several questions first. – Does the unit require electricity? My village has a generator but it is often broken and without fuel, so if electricity is required the unit could only be used when the generator is functional. Are there distillation methods that do not require electricity? – Several of the parts for your machine are not available within Malawi. Can substitutions be made? In order to get funding I need to know that the machine can be maintained and repaired locally. You can contact me through Email, by fax etc. Adrienne Rathers PC, Sinyala, Lilongwe, MALAW….Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.
I responded to that email telling her that the electricity was not required and any repairs could done locally. I also reduced my price to make it more affordable.

This is her reply.

Bob, Thank you so much for your quick reply (and your discounted price!) It’s great to hear that electricity will not be required. Part of my extension work is teaching people how to build mud stoves, so hopefully this can be incorporated into the distillation process. It looks like I still need to do a lot more research until I am ready to purchase the unit (i.e. marketing, the chemistry of the oil itself, and find funding), but hopefully by early March we should have more information and a donor. As for the quote, I found it in a calendar put out by NOW (national organization of women) and it’s by Angela Monet. I have it here on the wall of my hut and I guess it reminds me that I can go my own way without the worry of other’s opinions. My other favorite pertinent quote to Malawi is: If you think you’re too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito. It’s by Bette J. something or other, fortunately, because I live on a eucalyptus plantation, mosquitoes don’t pose that much of a problem. I will be in touch once I learn more about funding.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond,
Adrienne from Malawi.
If any of you can help her with her marketing of eucalyptus please contact me and I will give you her email address.

Bob Sebert