MoonshineLife does not currently offer products for sale.  However we’re proud to recommend the following retailers:

Smiley’s Home Distilling
Location: Nepean, Ontario
Shipping: USA, Canada
A great Canadian company, Smiley’s Home Distilling offers personal customer service and you’re guaranteed an excellent product. They sell everything from moonshine stills and kegs to a full range of essences.

: Keller, Texas
Shipping: USA, Canada
One of my favourite retailers, Brewhaus’ website was launched before the Internet existed. They offer many products and fast shipping.

Mile Hi Distilling
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Shipping: USA, Canada
Stills, accessories, and great pictures! You’ll find what you’re looking for at Mile Hi Distilling.

Hillbilly Stills
Location: Kentucky
Shipping: USA, Canada
Hillbilly Stills offers stills and accessories. Online distilling calculators also available.

Copper Moonshine Stills
Location: Fort Smith, Arizona
Shipping: USA, Canada
Stills made completely from copper. They’re a little pricey but let’s face it folks, quality is expensive.

Rainer Distillers
Location: Washington, DC
Shipping: USA, Canada
Stills and accessories. Make sure you check out their blog!

Claw Hammer Supply
Location: North Carolina
Shipping: USA, Canada
Build-your-own still kits. All buyers and retails in this business know the shipping cost is a huge portion of buying a still. If you own the tools and knowledge, check these guys out.

Artisan Distiller
Shipping: USA, Canada
Cutting templates + distillers forum. Beware of their “Shop” page – it links to 3rd party advertising.

Moonshine DVD
Location: Not available
Shipping: USA, Canada
Moonshine DVD offers two volumes of DVD’s and an intiment forum for distillers.